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Or you can us on +973-1600-0002 to make an appointment, we accepted most insurance plans, but please call us to inquire. The staff at our call center can easily look up each doctor’s schedule. This convenient arrangement provides you with:

1. An appointment date and time that fits your schedule.
2. The doctor you prefer on the one most appreciate for your problem.
3. Flexibility to reschedule your appointment should an emergency arise.


During your first visit our staff will ask about your health, including your medical history and any medication you may be taking. For your safety, the doctors needs to know your complete medical history, even if these things seem unrelated to the eye.
This history is very important: for example, certain blood pressure medication can affect your eye pressure, and some urinary medications can complicate cataracts surgery.

1. You current eyeglasses (regardless of their condition or age)
2. All of your insurance cards
3. Any eye drops you are currently taking
4. A list of your current oral medications
5. Your contact les boxes or contacts lens prescription information.
Vision eyeglass

If you Have Any Questions Call Us On +973 1600 0002 / +973 1600 0003

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