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About Us

About Us

Almosawi Specialist Center

Since 2001 we have helped a lot of people to focus on their vision and get better visual results as Almosawi Eye Center. Starting 2020 with our move to our new location as Almosawi Specialist Center we are expanding our services to include our own Dental and Internal Medicine clinic besides our Eye Clinic.

We commit to always provide the best quality services to our patients utilizing up-to-date technologies and at the hand of highly qualified and experienced team in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere . and now covering a wider variety of services that goes beyond 

In our Eye Clinic we do a comprehensive eye examination for adults and pediatric including newborns and prematures. The operation unit is fully equipped and designed to accommodate the most sophisticated vitreous surgeries like retinal detachment repair and advance diabetic proliferative retinopathy.

In our Dental Clinic we provide a wide variety of aesthetic and therapeutical procedures and surgeries. Including Root Canal Treatment, Tooth Caries,  Teeth Whitening and Cleaning and laser therapy.

Our Vision

The further grow, achieve a market leading position in the country and to improve the health care services.

Our Mission

To provide a high quality and cost effective leading health care provided by specialized doctors and applying new and effective methods of care to improve human health.

Our Values

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