About Us

Since 2001 we have helped a lot of people to focus on their vision and get better visual results we are very proud to announce that we are still in business and we will remain for more time.

Our goal is to meet the need of our patients with the highest quality of services and up-to-date technology. In our center we offer a wide range of procedures and examinations carried out by highly qualified consultants in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. We do a comprehensive eye examination for adults and Peadiatric including newborns and prematures. The operation unit is fully equipped and designed to accommodate the most sophisticated vitreous surgeries like retinal detachment repair and advance diabetic proliferative retinopathy . All procedures done in our center as a day case and patients go home in the same day.

Our Vision

The further grow, achieve a market leading position in the country and to improve the health care services.

Our Mission

To provide a high quality with cost effective leading ophthalmic care provided by specialized doctors that apply new and effective methods of care to improve  eye health.

Our Values

  • A: Adhere to the highest standard of quality patient care.
  •  L: Lead in ophthalmic care and patient satisfaction.
  •  M: Maintain our personal best at all times, and deliver exemplary customer services.
  •   O: Open communication with the patient and families.
  •  S: Sensitive to patient's and family's needs..
  •  W: Warmth: welcoming, and patient-friendly environment..
  •  I: Integrity, We act ethically, accept personal accountability, and treat everyone with truest.

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