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The optic nerve links the eye with the brain. It is crucial for intact vision. Glaucoma is the term used for conditions affecting the optic nerve, usually due to increased pressure inside the eye.

It is important to detect glaucoma early, because it can lead to irreversible vision loss.

However, glaucoma can remain silent for a long period of time, gradually damaging the eyes without causing any symptoms, so regular yearly eye pressure checks are essential to detect and treat glaucoma at the earliest possible.

Although mostly asymptomatic, if symptoms develop, one can experience, blind spots, blurring of vision, seeing halos and eye redness.

Types of Treatment



Treatment of glaucoma can be medical or surgical with the aim of relieving the pressure on the optic nerve. Medical treatment is by using a specific type of eye drops that reduce the amount of the fluid produced inside the eyes and subsequently reduce the internal eye pressure. Surgical treatments intend to drain fluid within the eye, this can be accomplished by laser or drainage tubes.

After treatment, regular follow up appointments are needed to detect any recurrence and treat it promptly.

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