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Electronics medical records

The center has acquired and EMR system and implemented it the center. All medical data is input in the computers which are networked and run on servers, and RAID storage devices.

We have gone almost paperless.  The EMR allows us to trace previous medical records instantly and provide reports to the patients in a timely manner. It enables us to follow the diagnosis and create new diagnosis.  It tells us immediately, if the patient has diabetes, or suffers from any allergy.

Any number of computers can be set us across any of our rooms.

Protocols and continuous quality improvement

Protocols are a way of life at the center.  For every step in patient care, there is a protocol that is followed, to enable better and standardized quality of eye care.

Protocols exist for: Registration of patients, taking history, for refraction, for clinical examination, for diagnostic tests, for the preoperative procedures, for the Operating rooms and for the post operative follows up.

Various data are generated that enable continuous quality improvement, through analysis and audit.

Scheduling Surgery

The process:

Once the patient is found to need a particular type of surgery, he is informed about the need for it and it is discussed with the patient, preferably in the presence of a relative or family friend. All patients are given an opportunity to ask questions about the procedure and the advantages and possible disadvantages.

The patient then goes to the counselor, who will further have a discussion with the patient. The counselor also informs the patient the charges, so that complete transparency is maintained all throughout the process.

The patient in consultation with the counselor will decide on a convenient date for surgery. This is entered into the computer with the patient’s particular choice of a procedure or of a particular lens implant.

Once the booking is done, the patient is advised regarding the need to get a physicians clearance, if he has any cardiovascular problem or diabetes or any other systemic condition, that is important for the safety of the patient.

Undergoing Surgery

The process and protocols followed as follows:

  1. 1. One day before the surgery, the operating lists are ready with the patient’s special requirement and need for special medicines or special lens implants.
  2. 2. The patient receives a call from the hospital. The counselor speaks to the patient, reassuring him/her and gives some instructions.
  3. 3. Informed consent is taken from the patient and his accompanying relative.
  4. 4. On the day of surgery patients are asked to come at the appointed time
  5. 5. On arrival their blood sugar and blood pressure is checked and they are examining again.
  6. 6. While waiting in the preoperative area, all questions are answered and post operative drops are explained and protocol for follow up is provided.
  7. 7. If necessary specific instructions are given to the Operating rooms.
  8. 8. Patient is taken into the operating room prior to surgery and is prepared by change of gown.
  9. 9. Inside the operating room, everything is cross checked again. The name, age, gender, which eye, medical conditions, availability of lens implants, any special precautions and more.
  10. 10. Everything is documented.
  11. 11. If anaesthethesia, standby or sedation or general is required, the anesthetist takes a look at the reports and examines the patient, explaining everything to him.


Post Surgery.

  1. 1. Most Surgery for cataract is done under topical anesthesia.
  2. 2. The patient can on completion get up and walk out with support from the nurses.
  3. 3. After changing his/her gown, the patient is led back to the preoperative area, from where, the relatives, and or friends will escort them home.
  4. 4. Most patients are seen in the second day morning.
  5. 5. Following which they are generally given an appointment to come back after 1 week and a further 3 weeks.
  6. 6. At their 4 weeks post op appointment, after undergoing a checkup they are prescribed glasses.

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